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The following links lead to master-copies (in JPG format) of Scoring Diagrams for those using ICFRA Target Rifle targets. ICFRA's special thanks are due to Mr Dick Winney (ENG) for producing the masters in his own time and without fee. They are free for personal use. If anyone uses the masters to create diagrams for onward sale then, in the spirit of Mr Winney's assistance, ICFRA trusts that a proportion of any margin made will go to National Team funds, or assistance to young fullbore rifle shooters.

If there is sufficient demand, scoring diagrams for F-Class targets will be produced and posted here.

Each sheet is designed for Metric A4 paper/card, and has two diagrams on it: You may need to adjust the printing margins on your printer (or re-size the image) to ensure a complete printout. Any (helpful) comment will be welcome through the Webmaster - for example in some instances a balance has had to be struck between having the whole of a (10ft) Target represented on the diagram vs having the most important rings sufficiently spacious to record all your Vees!!

300 yds       400yds*       500 yds       600 yds       700 yds        800 yds       900 yds       1000 yds

300m          400m*         500m          600m                             700m           800m           900m

* 400 y/m are each 4/3 dimensions of 300 y/m so 300 y/m diagrams usable (less windflag pictures)

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