ICFRA is the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations, the International Governing Body for Fullbore Rifle Shooting, loosely described as centre-fire rifle shooting at distances of 200 yards or greater (but excluding 300m Rifle classes the prerogative of ISSF), using calibres from 5.56mm to 8mm.  ICFRA is not a members' association but is controlled by its constituent National Rifle Associations.

Important notice (updated August 2022)

Consequent on effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on International Travel and Sports Events world wide:-

1)  The deferred F-Class World Championships due to be held in the General de Wet Range, Bloemfontein from 26 March 2023 to 1 April 2023, with the Team Matches bening held on 30 March &1 April.  They follow the SABU Open F-Class Championships on 21 - 25 March. Further details of the SABU programmes for 2023 are available at https://2021fcwc.com/f-class-world-championships-2022/

2) The Palma Match and World LR Championships have been moved to 7 -  23 March 2024.  Further detail will become available on www.sabisley.com as and when finalised.

3) The Australia Match is currently planned to take place in Brisbane in 2025.  This may change (or not) when the ICFRA future programme is reviewed over the next few months in the light of the above.

4) Consequent on the above, there will be an F-Class World Championship at Bisley in 2026 - probably in September - and the Palma Match and LRWC in 2028 at Bisley almost certainly immediately following the Imperial Meeting for that year

5) An 'Expression of Interest' for Shooting to be included in the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria (AUS) was submitted on 19 August.  The bid includes Fullbore Rifle on Wellsford Range, Bendigo and ICFRA has indicated its strong support for the event.  ICFRA is cautiously optimistic that the FBR event will be included in the Games Programme.

Further Updates will also be provided on this cover page when the details have been determined

The 2019 Edition of TR Technical Rules has been uploaded to the relevant page.  The Match Conditions for the Age groups and Veterans World Championship; and the rules for management of World Championships (2019 editions) have also been uploaded.  The rules come into force for ICFRA TR Matches on 1 January 2020.

The General Assembly of ICFRA was held on Saturday 26 January 2019.  The minutes are posted on this website.

At the General Assembly Mr Des Vamplew (Canada) was elected President of ICFRA and Mr Deon Burger (RSA) was elected Vice President.  Mr Lindsay Peden (Scotland) was appointed Secretary General.  These appointments became effective on 11 March 2019.

The General Assembly was followed by the ICFRA World Championships immaculately hosted by the NRA of New Zealand.


ICFRA is pleased to congratulate its new World Champions on their successes, namely:-

World Long Range Champion: - Mr Steve Negus (AUS)
Veterans World Champion:- Mr Mark Buchanan (AUS)
Under 25 World Champion:- Mr Chris Schwebel (AUS) 
Under-21 World Champion:-  Mr Luke Rettmer (USA)

The Palma Match was won by Australia with a score of 7028.773 followed by Great Britain (6951.608) and the USA (6932.686).

Australia won the Veterans and under-25 Teams Championships, and New Zealand the Under-21.

The full results are to be found HERE

Downloadable Scoring diagrams for ICFRA Targets - HERE.


Contact: ICFRA is not a members' association but is controlled by its constituent National Rifle Associations. All contact is to be made through a Councillor representing a specific NRA as listed here. Links to the NRAs' websites are shown under LINKS.

Queries relating to rules in general and the conditions of World Championship and other Matches (all of which are published on this site) should be refered to the relevant ICFRA councillor. If no answer is obtained then a message can be forwarded Secretary General advising the question and who has been contacted so it can then be forwarded to the correct person for comment.

If you have queries relating to ICFRA, please direct them to the Secretary General Mr. Lindsay Peden, e-mail lindsay.peden@ntlworld.com