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Membership History

17 June 2022

ICFRA Welcomes Pakistan into Affiliate Membership

13 April 2022

ICFRA Welcomes Hungary into Affiliate Membership

28 April 2021

ICFRA Welcomes Iran into Observer Membership

15 October 2020

ICFRA welcomes Kazakhstan into Affiliate Membership

7 May 2020

ICFRA welcomes Zimbabwe into Affiliate Membership

25 Mar 2020

ICFRA welcomes Russia into Affiliate Membership and Poland into Observer Membership.



12 May 2019



ICFRA welcomes Indonesia (Perbakin) into Affiliate Membership of ICFRA.

30 April 2019.

ICFRA is pleased to announce that Wales has resumed affiliate Membership.

ICFRA welcomes Slovakia (APSS) into observer Membership of ICFRA

2 June 2018.

ICFRA welcomes Mongolia (MFCSA) into Affiliate Membership of ICFRA.  Following repeated failures to contact NRA Malaysia, Malaysia's membership has lapsed.

1 January 2018 

ICFRA congratulates Italy on attaining Full Membership following the F-Class World Championships in 2017, and welcomes Brazil into affiliate Membership.  At the same time Continental Palma Council has reverted to Observer Membership.

 27 November 2016

ICFRA welcomes the Croatian Long Range Shooting Association (CLRSA) and the Lithuanian Long Range Shooting Federation (LTSF) into Affiliate Membership. 

1 January 2016

The Continental Palma Council reverted to Affiliate Membership 

17 January 2014.

At the New Year, the Netherlands retired from ICFRA and, following its appearance in the 2013 F-Class World Championship, UKRAINE advanced to full Membership.

10 July 2013

ICFRA welcomes the Slovenian Amateur Shooting Federation (ASZS) into Affiliate Membership.

18 January 2013

ICFRA welcomes Federacao de Tiro Esportivo do Rio de Janeiro of Brazil into Observer Membership.

2 December 2012

ICFRA welcomes the Ukrainian Shooting Union into Affiliate Membership and Carpat Applicativ Dinamic of Romania into Observer Membership.

21 January 2012

Following the closure of IRC Holland, Holland's representation on ICFRA has been taken over by F-Class NL. Holland reverted to Affiliate Membership in March 2013.


22 February 2011

ICFRA is pleased to welcome Israel into Affiliate Membership.

Dec 24th 2010.

ICFRA welcomes Italy into affiliate membership and is pleased to announce that the Continental Palma Council (CPC) will resume full membership from 1/1/2011.


August 24th 2009

Consequent on the World F Class Championships the following Countries qualify for, and have taken up, Full Membership:- Republic of Ireland,

The following Country has taken out affiliate Membership:-

And the following Country has reverted from full to Affiliate Membership:- 

Meanwhile Wales has retired from Affiliate Membership.

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