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Here is ICFRA's Policy statement regarding Anti-Doping:-


The International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA) is the International Federation (IF) for the Sport of Fullbore Rifle Shooting. It is committed to the principles of fair play in the Sport. As part of this commitment, it will not accept the use of doping to enhance performance and will protect the rights and health of participants. ICFRA recognises that the Sport should be accessible to all, including those who suffer from illness or disability. ICFRA also notes the unusually wide age-range of participants in the Sport and wishes to facilitate as far as possible the continued participation of older, disabled or medically infirm competitors. 


ICFRA has a set of Anti-Doping Rules Here;  and a downloadable blank TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) form Here.

The TUE form (which is very simple in nature) is acceptable for all ICFRA Events, and Member Associations are welcome to use it (suitably re-badged) for domestic purposes if they wish.  A TUE produced under the auspices of a National Anti-doping Authority is, of course, equally acceptable.

IF YOU are a Competitor in an ICFRA event YOU should check the match entry documentation for a statement of the Host Nation's requirements in respect of TUEs.

Asthmatics will be pleased to know that Inhaled treatments (B Agonists and steroids) are NOT prohibited by ICFRA, nor require a TUE.

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